The Blue Heaven in a Jungle

Pamela Levy, 25, a detective sergeant at the Metropolitan Police Service in London, is looking for her archeologist father who has gone missing in a jungle on the Sumatra island. It turns out he has been abducted by the Bolo tribe queen who takes him into her secret kingdom in a deep jungle (near the Malacca Strait). The queen makes him one of her slaves whose primary duty is to make the queen happy whenever she needs them. The royal people in the kingdom speak English because they were descendants from a deserter band of the British colonial troops who were lost in the jungle when they were involved in a strait war against the Dutch in the region four hundred years ago. Pamela wonders why and how her father ends up there in the first place. The story depicts how Pamela goes out to track this secret kingdom, overcomes various life-threatening hurdles in a jungle while being helped by a local guide who later becomes her boyfriend, and unravels the secret trade that has taken place in the royal circle where some feared prominent royals have for decades looted historical golden artifacts and sold them in Europe for personal gains. That mysterious incident involving her father turns out to be the tip of a complex iceberg mixed with romance, greed, betrayal, and money laundering that spans across the world.